TIP: Lava not an effective method for heating up canned ravioli

If you ever find yourself hungry in the wild, with only a single can of ravioli and a stream of molten rock at hand, you might be tempted to try using the lava to heat and cook the food. Let this footage serve as a warning to you: the lava also wants to eat the ravioli and retreiving your well-heated dinner might prove a challenge in its own right. Read the rest

Gooey, melty, sizzling, steamy fun with lava and dry ice

I've had quite a few fun afternoons playing with dry ice from making spooky fog in the kitchen to exploding plastic bottles in the yard. But I've never had the opportunity to pour hot lava over dry ice. In this video, the lava is 1400 °C and the dry ice is -78C°. So cool! And hot!

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Kilauea's new lava flow can be seen from space

The small but bright fissure at the left edge of Kilauea's lava field can already be seen from space via infrared imaging, but it's dwarfed by the magnitude of previously existing flows. Read the rest

Mesmerizing timelapse of Kilauea lava flows

Tyler Hulett shot "River of Fire" at Kilauea before the previous eruption, but it still stands as some of the best lava timelapse out there. Read the rest

Watch a terrific explainer on Hawaiian lava flows

Geologist Jerry Magloughlin made a lava video that's a real labor of love. It describes the marvelous complexity of Hawaiian lava flows, combined with lots of cool footage and interesting facts. Plan on learning many new things. Read the rest

Dash cam footage of lava consuming a Ford Mustang

In case you somehow missed it, Hawaii's Kilauea volcano started erupting last Thursday, leaving molten paths of destruction on the Big Island near the community of Leilani Estates. The eruption was followed by a 6.9 magnitude earthquake on Friday. CNN reports that 35 structures, including 26 homes, have already been destroyed.

An online media company called WXChasing has been able to get a few up-close videos of what's happening there, including this timelapse dash cam footage of hot lava crossing a road and completely enveloping a parked white Ford Mustang.

If you have the means, please consider donating money to the Red Cross to help victims of the disaster. Read the rest

Track weekly lava changes at a volcano with this helicopter diary

Mick Kalber of Paradise Helicopters takes tourists and photographers up over Pu'u 'O'o's lava lake and other remarkable lava flows each week. For those of us who can go up each week with him, he shares a weekly diary of his favorite moments. Read the rest

This professor makes mini-volcanoes with real lava

Artist Bob Wysocki plays around with homemade lava to create cool experiments that mesh sculpture and geology. Here, he makes a mini shield volcano. Read the rest

Don't drop your phone into hot lava

Not a good thing. Read the rest

Flowing lava engulfs a can of Chef Boyardee ravioli

Tara McGinley of Dangerous Minds says: "There’s something oddly soothing about this can of Chef Boyardee ravioli being swallowed up by lava still I can’t help wonder how dangerous getting this footage must’ve been?" Read the rest