Idiot at gas station won't put out cigarette, so attendant uses fire extinguisher

A gas station didn't heed the attendant's request to put out his cigarette, so the attendant doused him and his car with a powder-based extinguisher.

Sorry for the potato camera quality of the video. For a clearer look at the smoking customer, here's a portrait of him by Robert Crumb. Read the rest

Watch this fellow try to skip out of his hotel by exiting on a telephone wire

Firefighters had to rescue this fellow who got stuck on a telephone wire 19 floors above the ground. He found himself in this predicament because he didn't want to pay his hotel bill and decided to climb out the window and traverse along a phone wire to another building, thus avoiding the pesky clerk at the counter on the ground floor. About halfway across, he gave up and waited for someone to save him. Read the rest

The League of Gentlemen returns

Weird and unsettling UK sitcom League of Gentlemen is to return to our screens as a series of specials, reports the BBC.

The three episodes will once again star Reece Shearsmith, Steve Pemberton and Mark Gatiss, who have written the new scripts alongside co-creator Jeremy Dyson. Filming will begin in Manchester and the Peak District next month.

The BBC confirms: "After a 15 year absence from television screens, once again the team will be playing dozens of characters, the local denizens of the isolated Northern town of Royston Vasey."

Embedded above is a typically horrific example of a scene featuring the incompetent veterinarian Dr. Chinnery. Do not watch if you cannot abide the suffering of tortoises. Read the rest