When cleaning slides, film or just my lenses, I use PecPads

When cleaning off slides for scanning, or the lenses on cameras that haven't been made for decades, I use PecPads.

I used to ruin positives when trying to ready them for scanning. Then I was told about PecPads. I have not ruined a slide in years and years. I also use the non-abrasive gauze-like pads to clean the lenses on my treasured Rolleis.

I use microfiber clothes on my glasses, but superstition keeps me using PecPads on photographic equipment.

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18 microfiber cleaning cloths for $8

My glasses are always a mess, and I am always scrounging around in my car or pockets for a cloth to clean them. This 18 pack of excellent micro fiber cleaning cloths will last me for months.

These are also just fine for cleaning camera lenses, my iPhone or laptop screens.

I will, however, lose them all and need to buy another. Luckily, they are pretty cheap.

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