Commodore 64 keytar weilded by rollerskating hacker

Legendary hardware hacker Jeri Ellsworth (world's most awesome C64 hacker and all round happy mutant), entertained attendees at the Maker Faire with her brilliant Commodore 64 bass keytar, which she played while wearing rollerskates.

Ellsworth noted via Twitter that it uses the SID chip and is based on an FPGA - a re-implementation of the Commodore-64 computer using reconfigurable logic chips. See the video below for an overview of the instrument from Ellsworth.

What’s not obvious from the photo above is that Ellsworth wears a portable amp and rocks the C64 Bass Guitar on roller skates.

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Cool clothes and styles of Maker Faire attendees

Earlier today Gareth Branwyn had the idea that we should run an image gallery of the great clothes worn by people who come to Maker Faire Bay Area 2012 (taking place now). So Gar and I went out and snapped some photos of folks wearing interesting outfits. We'll post another gallery later, because there are so many great outfits here at the Faire!

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4th grader's automatic cat feeder

Here's Ella Smith at Maker Faire with her Zevrino, an Arduino-powered automatic cat feeder.

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Maker Faire live video

I'm here at Maker Faire in San Mateo. If you aren't one of the 100,000 people here to celebrate The Greatest Show (and tell) on Earth, you can still experience it through our Maker Faire Live site, with five different video feeds. Gareth Branwyn and I will be interviewing makers on the Fishbowl Camera feed. Join in on the fun by tweeting with the #makerfaire hash tag. Read the rest

Fire-breathing pony

[Video Link] I, for one, welcome our plastic, flame-shooting horsey overlords. Shown at Maker Faire Detroit 2011. Read the rest