US-Mexican beer mocks Trump with frowning Mariachi label

Amigous Cerveza is a craft beer that sports a glum Mariachi Trump sporting a swastika belt buckle, a sombrero that says "Luck You" on the brim, and a misspelled "Amigos." The back of the label declares that the orange guy belongs "in a mad house, not the White House."

The beer was created by the cross-border team Epic Brewing in the US and Mexico's Casa Cervecera Cru Cru brewery. "We don't agree on how the president of the United States talks about Mexico. We wanted to show him that we can create great products collaborating between The United States and Mexico," says Cru Cru's CEO Luis Enrique de la Reguera.

Launched in May, the first batch – 1,200 bottles and 400 liters on tap – sold out in one week. I don't think Trump's wall will be able to keep this beer away.

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