The future of fake news is real-time video manipulation

Nick Bilton reports on the next round of fake news tools that allow users to manipulate audio and video to change what's being said, a sort of real-time Photoshop for moving images and audio. Want to make it look like a celebrity used a taboo word, or misquote a politician? No problem! Read the rest

Man punks journalists

Ryan Holiday pretended to be a credible source on a variety of subjects, just to see who would fall for it. Scalps include CBS, ABC, Today and The New York Times.

“I knew that bloggers would print anything, so I thought, what if, as an experiment, I tried to prove that they will literally print anything?” he says. “Instead of trying to get press to benefit myself, I just wanted to get any press for any reason as a joke.”

At Forbes, Holliday offers a rundown of how fake stories are generated and propagated even without intentional misdirection. He even has a book out on the subject, titled Trust Me, I'm Lying: Confessions of a Media Manipulator. [Forbes] Read the rest