To some, the loudest sound ever recorded underwater is still a mystery

In 1997, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration recorded "the bloop," a one-minute sound emanating 1,500 miles west of Chile's southern coast. The unexplained sound was never recorded again. Read the rest

Mystery noise bothers residents of Oregon town

For a week, a mysterious high-pitched tone has been interrupting the sleep of people in Forest Grove, a suburb of Portland. The sound has been coming and going for decades.

Here's what it sounds like. It's loud and annoying:

The tone was unusual for its combination of high pitch and ambiguous point of origin, said audio engineer Tobin Cooley. “Higher frequencies like this tone are very directional sounds, versus low-frequency sounds which can seem to come from anywhere or everywhere at once,” Cooley said, cautioning that he had listened only to poor-quality recordings but not made a thorough investigation.

“What surprises me is that neighbours have not been able to locate where this is coming from.”

Cooley speculated that the sound could be coming from a release of compressed air or natural gas, but officials with the local gas company said they had ruled out any of the utility’s equipment or pipelines as a source.

Guardian: Mystery high-pitched noise keeps Oregon town awake at night Read the rest

What is going on in this photo?

Check out the full photo here. It seems like there's an extra set of legs! Read the rest

Update on the Wisconsin mystery booms

The U.S. Geological Survey says there was an earthquake—a very small, 1.5 magnitude earthquake—in the vicinity of Clintonville, Wisconsin earlier this week. The mysterious booming noises heard in and around that town could be related to the earthquake. Granted, that theory doesn't perfectly fit. But the booms have stopped now, and it's the best idea anybody has. Read the rest