Fingernails lovingly sculpted into tiny feet

Brought to you by Nail_Sunny, the Russian nail art chain behind "teeth nails," comes "feet nails."

They're equally as creepy:

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Feet nails ❤️ -yay or nay? Video by @edo_movs #nailsunnytutorial

A post shared by 💅🏻Nail Sunny 💅🏻 (@nail_sunny) on Aug 20, 2018 at 10:08am PDT

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Just look at these bananails.

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Teeth nails

The stuff nightmares are made of: TEETH NAILS.

I'm fighting tooth and nail to express my "thanks" to Nail_Sunny, the Russian nail art chain who created these monsters.

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Teeth nails- YAY OR NAY ? #nailsunnytutorial Work by @eleonoramovs Video by @edo_movs

A post shared by 💅🏻Nail Sunny 💅🏻 (@nail_sunny) on May 8, 2018 at 9:07am PDT

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A weird little winter wonderland is inside this snowglobe nail bubble

I'm not a "nail person" myself but I have noticed how prevalent over-the-top nail art has gotten in the past few years. In general, I skip nail art videos because it's just not my thing but this snowglobe nail tutorial by Canadian YouTuber Simply Nailogical stopped me in my tracks. I mean, it's just so... absurd. But I guess that's the point.

She's sealed in glitter (something called Holo Flakes), baby oil, AND a tiny snowman inside a bubble to decorate her already-decorated index finger's nail.

The actual process to make one seems incredibly complicated and time-consuming. Would you? Could you?

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Artist's nail art self-portraits include hair

Makeup artist Dain Yoon likes to push the envelope with her work, and her new nail portraits complete with real hair are definitely doing that. Read the rest

No middle ground: Amy Lombard's toenail art series will delight or horrify you

Photographer Amy Lombard teamed up with nail artist Sonya Meesh to create toenail art that you won't be able to unsee. Whether that's good or bad is in the eye of the beholder. Read the rest

Take a look at a cool manicure with a used tampon theme

Artist Annelies Hoffmeyr has a fun Instagram page that mischievously plays with Barbies, jewelry, and provocative "fashion shoots," if you will, including the use of tampons as hair curlers, cigarettes, and nail art. This is the coolest period art I've seen yet.

I really don't understand why my tampon nails never became a trend ??‍♀️

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Tampon Nail Art for #theperiodproject

A post shared by Annelies Hofmeyr (@wit_myt) on Jun 7, 2015 at 8:31am PDT

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