Shut in Sounds: Warren Zevon—Splendid Isolation

It's been an anthem for cheeky introverts and hermits, for years. Now, it belongs to us all. Read the rest

Neil Young hates what the internet has done to music

Spotify may not be literally damaging our brains, but he's not entirely wrong, either.

That time Daryl Hannah and Neil Young got married

Did you know that Canadian music icon Neil Young and American mermaid-patch-eyed-movie-psychopath icon Daryl Hannah have been dating since 2014? If not, you'll raise an eyebrow over the fact that all points lead to the fact that the pair recently tied the knot.

From The Guardian:

The couple reportedly wed on Saturday in Atascadero, after a ceremony on Young’s yacht near the San Juan islands.

The guitarist Mark Miller appeared to confirm the news on Facebook when he congratulated the couple. He later clarified that he had not attended the ceremony. “I only knew about it because one of my friends attended the ceremony in Atascadero and announced it on his page,” Miller said.

The administrator of Young’s blog also congratulated the pair, and referred to comments from attendees, who described the event as “a shindig”.

Hannah posted a cryptic image to her Instagram account the following day. She captioned the picture of an owl: “Someone’s watching over us … love and only love.”

No one, according to The Guardian, was watching over Young's wife of over three decades, Pegi Young, when he divorced her shortly before his relationship with Hannah became a thing. That said, no one knows the truth behind Pegi and Neil breaking up, save them, their lawyers and very likely, Daryl Hannah.

It's been four years since the divorce--four years that Hannah and Young have been together as a couple. Hopefully, in a world as shitty as this one has been of late, the newlyweds and Pegi, as she pursues a better world through her music, philanthropy and environmentalist efforts, have all found some small measure of happiness. Read the rest

Neil Young catches a record store selling bootlegs of his music

In 1971 Neil Young went to a record store and discovered they were selling bootleg LPs of his music. Young asked the clerk why the record store was carrying the bootlegs. The clerk played dumb ("I don't listen to records, so I don't know. I listen to tapes.") Young didn't like it and called the owner and told him he planned to take the LPs without paying for them. Read the rest

Musicians tend to hate it when Republicans use their music

When Neil Young objected to the bizarre use of his music during Donald Trump's presidential campaign announcement, it wasn't anyone's first rodeo. There is a long, proud history of Republican politicians not listening to the words of songs they don't get permission to use.

1. Springsteen objected to Reagan’s use of the song “Born in the U.S.A.” during the 1984 election. 2. Reagan also got dinged in 1984 by John Cougar Mellencamp for “Pink Houses.” Bobby McFerrin objected to George H.W. Bush using the song “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” in 1988. 3. Sam & Dave objected to Bob Dole using the song “Soul Man” in 1996.

Sting offers a "rare bit of bipartisanship," objecting to Al Gore's use of "Brand New Day" in the 2000 election, as well as Bush's use of "Brand New Day" in the 2000 election. Read the rest