Strange superhero Flaming Carrot goes digital

The 1980s had many surreal and outré comic-book stars. I recall particularly following The Tick, Concrete, and Nexus. They were respectively a nigh-invulnerable, possibly mentally ill superhero with a chubby accountant sidekick in a moth-themed flying suit; a writer whose brain was transplanted by aliens (themselves possibly escaped slaves) into a nearly invulnerable rock-like body often performing missions of mercy; and a man (later others, including men, women, and children) picked by a nearly omnipotent being residing in the center of a planet to atone the genocide of his father by being forced to be an almost indestructible and thoroughly powerful superhero, lest he face disabling pain.

You catch the theme here, right? Omnipotence, invulnerability, superhero—all but the Tick reluctant. Into that mix, Flaming Carrot was something altogether different. Read the rest

Nexus Q media streaming ball

Google briefly exposed its Nexus Q media streaming box—or, rather, a ball—today at the Google Play store before taking the page down. An official announcement will likely come at today's Google I/O conference. In the meantime, we can muse on the specs: 4.6" in diameter, it weighs 2 pounds and has a dual-core ARM Cortex CPU. It has 1GB of RAM and 16GB of flash storage. At the back, there are there are the following holes: Micro HDMI, TOSLink, Ethernet, Micro USB and banana jack speakers. It will be $300 when it ships, with optional $400 speakers (wow) and $50 speaker cables (lol). [Ars] Read the rest