Portraits for the Women's March on Washington, by Clayton Cubitt

My friend Clayton Cubitt has taken a phenomenal series of portraits for the Women's March on Washington. Read the rest

This provocative NSFW photo series highlights Donald Trump's sexism

As a final project for a photography class, 18-year-old Oregon college student Aria Watson created a series called #SignedByTrump. Read the rest

The next four years in one GIF

(via Papasan/BBS) Read the rest

Reviving the GWB-era American Apology shirt for the Trump era

Remember the GW Bush years, when Americans abroad sported this tee: ""I'm sorry my president is an idiot. I didn't vote for him" (with the message in five languages)? Read the rest

Rules for surviving an autocracy

Masha Gessen, who grew up in Putin's Russia, has six rules for us: 1. Believe the autocrat; 2. Do not be taken in by small signs of normality; 3. Institutions will not save you; 4. Be outraged; 5. Don’t make compromises; 6. Remember the future. Read the rest