Nottingham's wondrous caves

Geoff from BLDGBLOG sez,

I thought I'd send a link to a new and very long post I just put up, describing a visit last month to Nottingham, England, where we explored nearly a dozen artificial cave systems, carved directly from the sandstone, with archaeologist David Strange-Walker.

Nottingham, as few people seem to know, is a bit like a sandstone Cappadocia, in the sense that there are at least 450 caves--and quite possibly more than a thousand--that have been cut into the earth, serving as everything from malting kilns to private basements, from jails to "gentlemen's lounges" for underground sessions of cigar-smoking.

We spent literally all day down there, moving from one cave system to another, from pubs to graveyards, and we saw barely a fraction of what's actually under the city.

The post includes some animations, tons of photos, and some laser scans produced by David's organization, the Nottingham Caves Survey. At the very least, their work is well worth checking out, as many of the scans (and the resulting videos) are incredible.

Caves of Nottingham

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Nottingham hackspace growing

David from Nottinghack -- the hackspace in Nottingham, England -- writes, "It's been six months since we moved into a 4500 square foot hackspace, in large part thanks to Boing Boing featuring our cause in May. We'd like to extend our heartfelt thanks to you, and to all of the people who generously donated to keep the hackspace going. For those who requested it, we've painted your names on our wall, and made a time lapse video of the final coat going up. There's also now a hackspace manual showing a lot of the projects done and facilities now available at the space. Membership has been growing steadily ever since we moved in, and as a result, among many things we've been able to put in place laser cutters, CNC machines, a metal lathe, PCB etching equipment and bicycle repair facilities. All things we had no room for at the old space!"

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