Relive the thrill of using Windows 95 in this office simulator

Remember back in the heady days of the mid-1990s, when playing computer games felt like running around in a endless maze of cardboard walls? Relive it today in Payroll, a game that simulates both the excitement of working in an office building, and the thrill of running Windows 95, complete with 640x480 pixel resolution and sound effects ripped from an Adlib sound card. Read the rest

Bus cab converted into office

A fellow in Hungary converted the front of a salvaged bus into a fantastic workspace "cubicle." Reminds me a bit of the VW Westfalias converted into an office at IDEO's Palo Alto headquarters and a conference room at TuneUp Media. "A Scrapped Bus Cab Turned into Awesome Working Place" (woohome) Read the rest

Office Rat-A-Tat with Hongbing

Directed by BB pal David Israel and scored by Wilidacious, Hongbing offers a hypothesis concerning office email power dynamics. From David:

If you enjoyed Office Space, you're going to get a kick out of the much shorter, lo-fi version called Office Rat-A-Tat, starring his guy endearing guy named Hongbing, who describes his vid series thusly: "Thoughts on work life and the office circumstance." Well, maybe something got lost in translation there. All I know is that Hongbing speaks the truth... verily I say unto thee.

Read the rest