Inconceivable!: Celebs made a 'Princess Bride' home movie from their backyards

Patton Oswalt, Jack Black, Rob Reiner, Tiffany Haddish, and Jon Hamm are just a few of the big names who came together — separately from their respective backyards — to perform in a "scrappy" The Princess Bride remake. This 14-minute video features their version of the "Battle of Wits" scene, and it's the only full episode that can be viewed for free through YouTube. The other 10 episodes can be found on that new paid "short-form content" streaming service, Quibi (two things: 1. that's short for "quick bites" and 2. it isn't doing well).

Here are a couple clips:

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Patton Oswalt shares the cause of wife Michelle McNamara's death

Comedian, actor, and nerd, Patton Oswalt shared his grief with the world last year when his wife Michelle McNamara died. Patton revealed on Friday that the medical causes of her resulted from a combination of prescription medications and a heart problem that had not been diagosed. Los Angeles coroner officials informed him earlier today. Read the rest

Gary Gulman's hilarious history of postal abbreviations for states

Gary Gulman does a meandering six-minute set on how the post office came up with the two-letter abbreviations for each state. The trivia and asides get increasingly absurd as the bit continues. Read the rest