Vermont's GOP governor on Trump: "The president abused his powers...He shouldn't be in office."

Mitt Romney doesn't have to feel completely alone after his courageous vote to convict Trump during the impeachment trial. Vermont Governor Phil Scott, one of the first republicans to support the impeachment inquiry last year, also spoke his conscience yesterday at a news conference:

“I believe that the president abused his powers. It’s hard, in some respects for me, because I’m not a supporter," Scott said. “I didn’t vote for the president, and I don’t believe that he should be in office...I think it’s for the voters to decide in November whether he should continue in that role.

"I believe he abused his position of power; withholding those funds is inappropriate..I believe, as Sen. Romney did, that he shouldn’t be in office."

From ABC:

Romney announced his decision Wednesday two hours before the GOP-dominated Senate voted to absolve Trump. He said the impeachment oath required him to render “impartial justice.”

Since he took office in 2017, Scott has been a frequent critic of Trump, has repeatedly called for an end to the divisiveness in American politics, and has criticized many of the president's policies, including on climate change and immigration.

Not surprisingly, Scott was voted one of the most liked governors in the United States in 2017 (while Chris Christie, of course, was voted the most disliked).

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