Sheep duel

Gentlemen, pick your weap— oh, I guess you'll be using those big horns. From the mad_hippies instagram:

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Bighorn Sheep going head to head! #bighornsheep #wildlifephotography #wildlife #video #watertoncanyon #coloradotography #coloradophotography #colorado #coloradolife #coloradotrail #denver #hikingadventures #hiking #backpackingcouple #backpackinglife #backpacking @denver_water @visitcolorado @natgeo @mymountaintown @visitdenver #ram #getoutside #getoutdoors #explore #outdoors #wildlifeplanet @usinterior @discovery @sciencechannel @natgeowild #yourshotphotographer

A post shared by MAD Hippies Life (@mad_hippies) on Jan 7, 2019 at 6:46am PST

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Veterans remind Pokemon players of memorial park's sanctity by shouting obscenities, throwing punches

Everyone behaves badly in this one—snotty youngsters v. violent veterans—but that older guy throwing punches and threatening a pregnant woman should be in jail. Come for the Pokemon rage, stay for the expert demolition of a portable gazebo.

A story at the Winona Daily News appears to concern the same park; it looks like there's a concerted effort afoot to ban more or less any unapproved "gatherings" there, and it's all about the Pokemon Go phenomenon.

The ordinance would cover a wide array of activities, not all related to increased traffic from Pokémon players, and some which is already prohibited. ... recent crowds that suddenly began gathering at all hours earlier this month when the game was released include prohibitions on hammocks and tents, sleeping and sunbathing, recreational activities and games (electronic or not), having pets in the area and playing music.

Why would you bother asking the Pokemon company not to use that location as a gym when it's so much easier to pass sweeping teen-menace legislation? Read the rest