Simple ways to be more respectful towards your fasting friends during Ramadan

In a new comic series for BuzzFeed, writer Zain Alam and artist Jason Adam Katzenstein share some basic tips on how not to be an asshole to your friends, classmates, or colleagues who are observing Ramadan this month (the Muslim month of fasting lasts from May 26 to June 24 this year). You can see a few panels below and check out the full series over on BuzzFeed.

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A moveable mosque: One young Muslim woman's daily photoblog (video)

The "30 Mosques" guys are producing some wonderful "30 Days Ramadan" videos this year that really give you a sense of what it's like to be a Muslim person in America. I enjoyed this one, featuring a young woman named Deena who loses her job, then decides chronicle her life through a photoblog. More about the project here. Subscribe to their video channel here. Deena's photoblog is here, and full of beautiful things. (thanks, Bassam Tariq!)

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The First Knight of Ramadan: A Muslim Nerd's Dilemma (video)

[Video Link] Aman Ali, one of the guys behind "30 Mosques," tells Boing Boing, "Instead of doing a roadtrip this year, we're releasing short films."

I love this one. In it, a Muslim nerd "is excited for the new Dark Knight movie," but it releases on the first night of Ramadan.

The short film stars Aman Ali, is directed by Musa Syeed, and was shot by Omar Mullick. Subscribe to their YouTube channel for more.


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