Honk your horns in the air and wave your glow sticks like you just don't care -- it's a German car rave

You've likely heard of neighborhood car parades, drive-in concerts, and the drive-through strip club. Now, you can add the drive-in rave to the list of creative and kind of unsettling and sad pandemic entertainment solutions.

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Wildly-popular UK dance party pays homage to Sir David Attenborough

Legendary naturalist and longtime BBC personality Sir David Attenborough is the inspiration for "Jungle Boogie," an ongoing series of all-night raves planned by two students of the UK's Leeds University.

Producers Louis Jadwat and Will Burbage give each venue a rainforest vibe, hand out cardboard cutouts of the 91-year-old biologist, and hire local DJs to blend Attenborough's distinctive "grandfatherly" voice with vintage house, disco, funk, and soul. Their dance party also features projections of Blue Planet and Planet Earth on the walls.

Jadwat told The Independent:

"We saw the immense popularity of him amongst students in that every Sunday people would love watching Blue Planet and Planet Earth so thought it would be great to pay homage to him."

According to Mixmag, "Jungle Boogie" has already sold out two 600-800 capacity shows. Future dates can be found here. A portion of the proceeds benefit World Land Trust.

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Heavy Ecstasy Parking Lot: Ravers the day after a massive rave in 1993

“Are you gonna keep dancing forever?”

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LA considers EDM festival ban

Perhaps the first effective strategy in America's decades long war on drugs, after 2 recent teen deaths, Los Angeles County is considering banning all EDM festivals.

Via MyNewsLA:

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors voted Tuesday to explore banning raves on county property while examining security and safety measures at the music/dance festivals following the weekend deaths of two women at the HARD Summer music festival at the Pomona fairgrounds, apparently from drug overdoses.

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