Recording metal on an Edison wax cylinder phonograph

Musician Rob Scallon thought it would be cool to one-up the vinyl hipsters and record some metal on century-old Edison wax cylinder recording equipment. And he was right! Read the rest

Edit audio podcasts by editing the text transcripts

SpeechBoard is a new "coming soon" Web tool to edit your podcast audio by cutting up the text transcripts. Craig Cannon and Ramon Recuero posted a demo and briefly explain the project in this Medium post:

SpeechBoard... will transcribe your podcasts and allow you to cut anything from the audio by deleting the text from the transcript.... You can import your cuts into Adobe Audition or Audacity to fine-tune the edit.

Try the demo here. (via Waxy) Read the rest

$13 lapel clip-on microphone plugs into smartphones

This lapel clip-on microphone is regularly $20, but for a limited time you can buy it on Amazon for $13 if you use the code 5PLJVX5D. I just bought one. I'll let you know how it works.

The reason I got it is that I sometimes make videos using my phone (using this great smartphone tripod mount) and the phone's built-in mic doesn't do a great job when I'm more than a few feet from the phone. I have a bunch of old iPhones, and I will use one of them with this mic plugged in it to record the audio. Read the rest