Oregon has twice as many weed shops as liquor stores and the regulators are overwhelmed

Oregonians love their weed. So much so that it has 564 recreational dispensaries, over twice the number of liquor stores in the state (266). The Oregon Liquor Control Commission, overwhelmed with license applications for new cannabis dispensaries, announced it is delaying reviews until it has caught up issuing license renewals for existing shops and farms. "The halt comes at a time when fierce competition has driven the price of pot to record lows — and it keeps falling" says Katie Shepherd of Willamette Week. "Small shops are struggling to turn a profit while out-of-state investors flood chain stores with cash to buy up competitors.

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The first weed-friendly campground resort in the country just opened

With recreational pot legal in eight states plus Washington, DC, it's a little surprising that no one has opened a weed-friendly campground until now.

What used to be Lake Selmac resort in Selma, Oregon, is now Smoke on the Water campground, which offers boats, kayaks, paddle boards, fishing, a general store (which opens May 6), and, coming soon, a dispensary.

The campground was bought by Wayne Zallen, the CEO of Grow Condos, which helps connect cannabis entrepreneurs (growers, bakers, etc) to real estate. He just opened the campground on the appropriate day of 4/20, but said the campground is still in its early stages and needs lots of upgrades.

According to Oregon Cannabis Connection:

“We bought Lake Selmac Resort and we are re-branding it to the Smoke on the Water brand and doing a bunch of improvements,” Zallen told Oregon Cannabis Connection. “It was a pretty run-down park when we got it.”

“We will eventually have a dispensary on the property, we have a general store, and we will have munchies and camping supplies available,” He said. “we are putting up three custom tipis by [Nomadic Tipi Makers] out of Bend, Oregon and we have a couple of cottages for rent and plan on remodeling a [home] on the property into an Air BnB.”

Besides cottages, they have plenty of room for tents and RVs. And they're now taking reservations (541-597-2277).

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