Trump's acting attorney general: Judges should be Christian with a "biblical view of justice"

Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker, Trump's replacement for fired Attorney General Jeff Sessions, thinks that if you're not Christian, you shouldn't be a federal judge. Judges should be "people of faith" and need to have a "biblical view of justice," and Whitaker would like to see a person's "world view," because if they have a […]

Non-religious woman who refused judge's order to meet with Christian counselor loses her sons

Holly Salzman of Albuquerque, New Mexico went to court to resolve coparenting issues with her ex-husband. The judge ordered Salzman to attend 10 sessions with a counselor named Mary Pepper (Photo). When Salzman went to the first session, Pepper began praying out loud, Salzman objected but Pepper told her, "well this is what I do." […]

Muslim flight attendant says she was suspended for refusing to serve alcohol

Religious freedom warrior Mike Huckabee is keeping curiously silent about the Muslim airline attendant suspended for refusing to serve alcohol as part of her job duties. From CNN: In a bid to get her job back, Charee Stanley filed a discrimination complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission on Tuesday for the revocation of a […]

Kim Davis fundraiser shirt has terrible design

A company in Radcliff, Kentucky is selling T-shirts to support Kim Davis, the woman who is abusing her government position to force her religious beliefs on other people. The design is so hideous that the message is as incomprehensible as Mike Huckabee and Ted Cruz's defense of Davis' actions.