Jeff "Sweet Tooth" Lemire's new horror comic Gideon Falls is spooky af

Jeff Lemire can do weird-spooky (see, e.g., his Twilight Zonish graphic novel Underwater Welder) and he can do gripping (see his amazing, post-apocalyptic Sweet Tooth), but in his newest graphic novel from Image Comics, Gideon Falls, he shows that he can do spooky-verging-on-terrifying, with a tale of supernatural mystery that combines avant-garde graphic treatments with outstanding writing to create a genuine tale of terror.

Sweet Tooth 3: Animal Armies

Jeff Lemire's third Sweet Tooth collection, Animal Armies, is a most excellent continuation of one of the best apocalyptic comics currently underway: the story of a world-killing plague that leaves human-animal hybrids in its wake. It's pretty much impossible to review this volume without spolierizing the first two, so I'll just say, hot damn, that's some fine eschatology! — Read the rest

Sweet Tooth 2: gripping post-apocalyptic comic continues, minus the whimsy

Sweet Tooth Vol. 2: In Captivity is the second collection of Jeff Lemire's brilliant, grim post-apocalyptic comic serial. The first volume blended whimsy and horror to make a kind of strange and deliciously dissonant package. With this second volume, all the whimsy is gone and all that remains is horror, noir and relentless and merciless, as we go further into the life of Gus and the people around him. — Read the rest