Juicy Ghost: Rudy Rucker's tale of an American coup

"Juicy Ghost" is a new tale from Rudy Rucker (previously), an explicitly politican sf story told from the point of view of a suicide-assassin who is getting ready to take out an illegitimate president during his inauguration; as Rucker describes, he really struggled with the story, and couldn't figure out where or if to publish (he even contemplated rebooting his late, great, much-lamented webzine Flurb with an "all-politics" issue as a means of giving the story a home). Read the rest

Exclusive excerpt of Rudy Rucker's new novel: Million Mile Road Trip

Rudy Rucker's 23rd novel is out today! It's called Million Mile Road Trip. Rudy is one of my all-time favorite authors and he has kindly given me permission to run an excerpt here. Read the rest

My favorite Rudy Rucker novels in new editions

Rudy Rucker published two new books this week, Transreal Trilogy and All The Visions.

Transreal Trilogy includes three of his “transreal” novels, that is, SF about his own life: (1) the growing-up-novel Secret of Life, (2) the beyond-infinity White Light, and (3) the scary-funny-futurological Saucer Wisdom.

The short All the Visions is a Kerouac-style autobiographical novel that Rucker wrote in 1983. Several sections of the Visions later morphed into passages of Secret of Life, and the two books are wack funhouse mirrors of each other. I somehow lost my copy of All The Visions right after I read it, which was a shame because it was one of the greatest things I've ever read. I think it had a cover painting by Robert Williams. I'm glad Rudy has re-issued it.

You can browse full online versions of Transreal Trilogy and All The Visions on their web pages.

All the Visions: paperback | Kindle | epub

Transreal Trilogy: The Secret of Life, White Light, and Saucer Wisdom: paperback | Kindle | epub Read the rest

Rudy Rucker Kickstarts his upcoming novel: The Big Aha

Rudy Rucker is one of my all-time greatest science fiction authors. I just kicked in to fund his upcoming novel, The Big Aha. Read the rest