Bulletproof children's hoodie comes in small

Great news for parents sending their kids to American schools: a company called Wonderhoodie sells a bulletproof hoodie for children.

Our patented, NIJ-IIIA panels discreetly protects the back and sides of the head. Pull it up when you need it, put it down when you don't 3-inches of bulletproof overlap secured by velcro down the middle allows safe zipped or unzipped wear. Full military-style torso protection, no Tetris-panels to 'insert' like low-end competitors

It's $450 and the logo is optional. Get this: "If you get shot (God forbid) with our hoodies on, we'll send you a replacement hoodie FREE of charge. Just include the police report or news clip"

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Treasure-hunting diver finds a phone and returns it to its owner

Arizona-based scuba diver Dallas, the guy behind the YouTube channel Man + River, has a fun hobby. He dives with his buddies at local creeks, rivers, and lakes looking for lost treasures, recording these underwater scavenger hunts on his GoPro. He's found all kinds of things, including sunglasses, pocket knives, coins, jewelry, cameras, lots of phones, and even a gun.

In this video from late last year, watch as Dallas unearths an iPhone 6 buried eight inches deep using an underwater metal detector and a metal sand scoop.

The phone was found dry inside an inexpensive waterproof case, so Dallas brought it home and started charging it.

Long story shorter: The phone works, he contacts its owner and returns it to him. Watch!

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Amazing hi-def video of beetles, larvae, and maggots eating fish

Watch nature's little recyclers completely hollow out two fish in this beautifully-shot timelapse video from BBC.

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