Physics Girl shows you and your kids 20 at-home science experiments in 5:00 minutes (ish)

In this cute Physics Girl video, Diane shows you 20 simple, fun, and educational kitchen experiments you can do with your kids.

To make the video more exciting, Diane turns her demo into a race against the clock, trying to conduct all of the experiments within five minutes. You and your kids can take your time.

Image: YouTube


BTW: Did you now that our very own Mark Fraunfelder wrote and illustrated a book of these sorts of kitchen counter science experiments, called Mad Professor? You might want that right about now.

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Here's how a high school teacher's "Mystery Box" works

High school teacher Bruce Yeany makes "mystery boxes" and challenges his students to figure out how they work. The one in this video hangs from the ceiling by a string. Another string protrudes from the bottom of the box. If you pull on the bottom string, the box rises. In the video you'll see how it works. Read the rest