Delightful claymation describes how a fungus is used to control an insect pest

I've praised Max Helmberger's excellent claymation videos about insects in the past. He has produced another, this time for the New York State Integrated Pest Management Program. From the YouTube description:

The Hajek Lab group at Cornell University has been researching methods for biological control of Asian longhorned beetles using entomopathogenic fungi. This video describes the life cycle of Asian longhorned beetles and how an adult beetle gets infected, dies and transmits the infection to other Asian longhorned beetles.

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Fantastic claymation videos about insects

Human beings are strange. The unimaginative jackass Logan Paul has 18,819,071 YouTube subscribers, while the fascinating and talented Maxwell Helmberger has 105 subscribers. In my opinion, Paul should have 105 subscribers and Helmberger should have 18,819,071.

Helmberger's claymation video about how the pincushion millipede (smaller than a grain of rice!) defends itself against ants trying it eat it has 94 views. Please watch and share with your friends. I want to encourage him to do more.

Image: YouTube

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