Enjoy the soothing sounds of a kendo competition

Kendo is a Japanese martial art with a tradition of ki ken tai icchi, meaning "spirit, sword and body together." Part of that is screaming, which may have several purposes. Scientists have recently been looking into benefits of making loud sounds in elite competition like tennis: Read the rest

Replacing every movie scream with Tom Cruise's weird scream from The Mummy

It works surprisingly well, giving every scene so enhanced the superficial intensity of a church-mandated declaration of love. Read the rest

Iceland soccer commentator finds team's performance satisfactory

His name is Gummi Ben. The BBC reports on a remarkable day for the 330,000-strong island nation.

(Edit: sorry about the hinky Streamable embed; open video in a new window)

Gummi Ben, who became a commentator after hanging up his boots in 2009, has been fending calls off all day.

"It's been quite strange and actually hectic, because the phone hasn't stopped ringing," he told the BBC.

"But I'm really enjoying it! It's part of the job."

Translation: "*screams*. My voice is gone, but it doesn't matter. We have come forward, in this tournament, and never, not once have I ever felt so good" Read the rest

Dog screams like man being tortured instead of barking

LADY: Cody! Coooodyyyy!

CODY: *scream of despair and terror*

CODY: *wags tail* Read the rest

Screaming Marmot captures all of my emotions

This is my reaction every time I read Boing Boing's Facebook comments. Read the rest

A bin of rubber ducks sounds like people screaming in anguish

Charlie Murphy of Ireland came across this shopping cart filled with rubber ducks (or maybe geese, or some other kind of waterfowl). Squeezing just one duck produces a toy horn sound, but smooshing down on a bunch of them at once produces a blood-curdling scream you'd expect from the Sixth Trumpet in the Book of Revelation.

Read the rest