Everything I've written on my Freewrite for the last year

Freewrite is a single purpose first draft creative writing machine. I got one thinking it'd be a good idea to be disconnected from the internet and limited to just writing.

I offer this complimentary Boing Boing exclusive, collector's limited web edition The unabridged Freewriter compositions of Jason Lawrence Weisberger as written November of 2016 through the 24th of October, 2017 for your enjoyment and edificaiton.

November, 2016

This is a another attempt to use the Freewrite. I am hoping to write a few more sentences and then upload the document to the google cloud. This has seen marginall more use than my Baubax jacket.

So far this hasnt been the worlds most intuitive device and honestly editing anything even simple typing mistakes you makde a few words back is a huge hassle. Just look at this sentence! Capitalization and punctuation will suffer but I guess this will be great (???) for getting out a firsrt fraft of something that is completely disconnected from research or the internet.

the angle of my stand up desk is not very good for this keyboard. I’ll need to find someplace else to put it.

February ??, 2017

I’d forgotten this thing existed. Never moved it. Seems like it should be useful. Has not been. Freewrite needed a reboot after charging. The hard reboot power switch hold down routine is for longer than I suspected, or their manual suggests: a very long twelve seconds.

Appears that all is working again. I have the cable in so it can charge.

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