Segway announces a new egg-shaped hover chair, because why not

What if you took Segway's standard self-balancing technology, but you didn't even have to stand on it? That's basically the promise of the new Segway S-Pod, a "vision for the future of mobility" that the company announced at CES 2020. It was supposedly was inspired by the Gyrosphere from Jurassic World, but let's be real — […]

Watch Usain Bolt get run over by a photographer on a Segway (everyone's fine)

If they can keep up with Usain Bolt, I guess Segways can go kind of fast after all.

A segway/strandbeest that's powered by a hand-drill

Izzy Swan's drill-powered walking-machine uses a leg-design inspired by the wind-walking strandbeest and connects it to a ride-'em platform for the pilot.