Woman reports a black man to the cops because his dog humped her dog at the park

Yet another idiot calling the cops on a black person for doing normal person things. In this case, a white woman is on the phone reporting to the police that a black man's dog humped her dog at a dog park. You can hear the woman's friend saying about his dog, "That's inappropriate for the dog park." I double checked to see if this was a satire on racist people who call police on black people for made up non-crime reasons, but as far as I can tell, this is real. Read the rest

Trump threatens to order 'additional security for our country' next week, 'very rapidly'

During a bizarre meet-and-greet with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe that ended with the weirdest diplomatic handshake ever, so-called 'President' Donald J. Trump ominously teased his intent to introduce some sort of heightened national security measures next week, and to continue fighting his losing battle with America's judicial system over the #MuslimBan. Read the rest

TSA terminates its contract with Rapiscan, maker of pornoscanners

The TSA has given the boot to Rapiscan, maker of about half of the pornoscanners in use in America's airports:

TSA gave Rapiscan until June 2013 to come up with a software upgrade to prevent the scanner from projecting the naked image. TSA officials said Rapiscan won't be able to meet that deadline.

"TSA has strict requirements that all vendors must meet for security effectiveness and efficiency since the use of this technology is critical to TSA’s efforts to keep the traveling public safe," the TSA said in a statement.

Yes, they seriously named their pornoscanner company "Rapiscan." Seriously.

TSA ends contract with Rapiscan, maker of full-body scanner [Hugo Martin/LA Times]

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