Dangers of eyeball licking

It's not good to let someone lick your eyeballs. Y'know, conjunctivitis, corneal abrasions, that kind of thing. That said, "worming" or "oculolinctus" is not only a sexual fetish as you might expect, but apparently a fun classroom activity among some pre-teens in Japan, according to japanCrush. There are also YouTube videos of the practice. The video above does not show the licking, but it is titled "Oculolinctus" and the description reads "Just begging for a lickin'."

"I don't ask just anyone to do it," Elektrika Energias, 29, told the Huffington Post. "Guys I like a lot are more likely to not think it's so weird. I've never had anyone turn me down though. I got some weird offshoot of TB in my eye once. I ended up with corneal ulcers and I spent like a month in the hospital." Read the rest