Graphical simulation of baking bread

TeranGroup presents a "novel thermomechanical model" for simulating rising dough and the properties of bread, cookies, pancakes, etc. Read the rest

Autonomous driving simulators may help reduce driverless anxiety

Visteon makes high-definition dashboard displays for instrument clusters, navigation panels, and entertainment systems. They also know the future is autonomous driving, and to help anxious customers get a sense of the technological possibilities, they are developing driving simulators that demonstrate manual vs. autonomous driving conditions. Read the rest

Mosh Pit Simulator

A trailer has been released for the forthcoming Mosh Pit Simulator, by Sos Sosowki. Widely tipped as a candidate for computer game of the year, the VR title will be out later in 2016, and you can check out a playable version at Pixel Heaven in Warsaw, Poland, June 3-5.. Read the rest