Gumby rocks out at the Skateboard rally

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How skaters resolved a dispute in 1986

These were the same kids that declared break dancing a memory.

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Steve Caballero's vintage skateboard collection

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Legendary Steve Caballero on 'Skater's Favorite Skater'

One of the absolute all-time greats, Steve Caballero talks about his favorite skaters.

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The father of the most hostile piece of street furniture in world history explains why he thinks he's right to make life harder for homeless people and socializing kids

Dean Harvey is the co-founder of Factory Furniture, the company that created the Camden Bench, a piece of street furniture designed to stop anyone from using it for anything except sitting very briefly; it is the nadir of the "Unpleasant Design" movement, a bizarre response to rising homelessness and hostility to children in public spaces, in which cities and private companies try to shove the problem out of sight by making street furniture as inhospitable as possible. Read the rest