Old sk00l pool deck vs new popsicle skateboard

These two skaters face-off an 80s style off-the-shelf style pool deck vs a new trick skateboard. It is tough to land today's tricks on yesterday's gear.

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Santa Monica Airlines sent me an awesome Natas Kaupas/Burrito Breath deck

Holy smokes!

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The guys @santamonicaairlines blew our @jlw ‘s mind with this awesome @oscarputdowntheknife & @burritobreath collab.

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I grew up in Santa Monica, CA in the 1970s and 80s. While I had and have friends who attained the levels of awesome required to get free stuff from a skate team, I was certainly too much a kook.

As a kid, Santa Monica Airlines played a huge role in helping me define 'COOL' and they still do. For 'Support Your Local Skateshop day' I had Rip City set up my re-issue 'THINK CRIME' deck with a set of Independent Trucks, Slimeballs, and ACER Racing hardware and bearings. No one does as nice a job on grip tape as those dudes at Rip City.

Imagine my surprise when repeated fan posts about legendary street skater Natas Kaupas resulted in the folks at Santa Monica Airlines sending this awesome deck!

I could not be more thrilled to receive this awesome Natas/Burrito Breath deck! My daughter has already asked if we can set it up for her. She will not be getting those ACER bearings, they are far too fast and I have to run off all the damn time.

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Venice skate park filled with sand

One of the seven great wonders of the modern world, the Venice Beach Skate Park's bowls have been filled with enough sand to make them closed to all but the maddest.

The only way to stop the skaters in Dogtown was to fill in the bowls. People skating draws a crowd. Crowds are verboten.

In other skate news: the guys at Santa Monica Airlines have been busy putting out a cool Natas Kaupas deck.

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Gumby rocks out at the Skateboard rally

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How skaters resolved a dispute in 1986

These were the same kids that declared break dancing a memory.

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Steve Caballero's vintage skateboard collection

Bones Brigade legend Steve Caballero has a very cool home. Read the rest

Legendary Steve Caballero on 'Skater's Favorite Skater'

One of the absolute all-time greats, Steve Caballero talks about his favorite skaters.

I am always jazzed to see how awesome, and still so very cool, all my old skateboarding heroes turned out. Read the rest

The father of the most hostile piece of street furniture in world history explains why he thinks he's right to make life harder for homeless people and socializing kids

Dean Harvey is the co-founder of Factory Furniture, the company that created the Camden Bench, a piece of street furniture designed to stop anyone from using it for anything except sitting very briefly; it is the nadir of the "Unpleasant Design" movement, a bizarre response to rising homelessness and hostility to children in public spaces, in which cities and private companies try to shove the problem out of sight by making street furniture as inhospitable as possible. Read the rest