Bow to this rock-skipping master

There are rock skippers and then there's this guy and all his zen-like moves. This is overall world stone-skimming champion Keisuke Hashimoto, an office worker from Saitama, Japan, who has been called the "LeBron James" of the sport.

Here's another video of him, this one from 2017. It shows his first attempt as a failure:

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Watch Skippa the rock-skipping robot get optimized

Skipping stones takes a little practice and finesse, so Mark Rober enlisted his extended family to help build the perfect rock-skipping robot. Their creation, named Skippa, ended up helping humans learn, too. Read the rest

The science of skipping stones

The tl;dr: hit the water at a 20% angle. But the answer isn't as interesting as the question…

Bocquet’s quest to understand how this happens — how a solid object can skim along water without immediately sinking — began more than a decade ago, while he was skipping stones on the Tarn River in southern France with his young son. ‘‘He turns to me,’’ Bocquet says, ‘‘and asks, ‘Why does the stone bounce on the water?’ ’’ To answer that question satisfactorily, Bocquet and his colleagues built a mechanical stone skipper and analyzed the angle of each toss using high-speed video. They also created a set of mathematical equations to predict the number of skips.

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