Here's a delightful ska medley of the Super Mario Otherworld music

Jeremy Hunter A.K.A. Ska Tune Network is on a mission to make ska covers of everything. No exceptions. Like the Borg, ska will assimilate all. The latest — victim? Beneficiary? — of their quest is SUPER MARIO: OTHERWORLD, a popular ROM hack of the original Super Mario World for Super Nintendo.

And this time, they has steel drums to help them. None of us safe from the groovy smiles they'll inflict upon us.

Just remember:

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Wireless SNES controller for modern machines

The 8bitdo SN30 is a replica SNES controller that's both wireless and compatible with Windows, MacOS, Nintendo Switch and Android, all via USB-C or Bluetooth. In addition to the classic digital controls are two analog sticks, neatly designed into the otherwise accurate recreation of the original pad. But there's more! It also has two annoying modern perks—rumble and motion controls—ready to be disabled and forgotten the moment they interfere with play.

The SN30 is $50 on Amazon and comes in US and EU/JP color schemes; note that it won't ship until December.

(The key shortcoming appears to be that it doesn't work with iOS).

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