Facebook is social media for old people

A new Pew survey is out, and it shows that teens are losing interest in Facebook. My daughters don't have accounts and the younger one never bothered to sign up. Who can blame them? It's no fun and the user interface has been hideous since the day it launched.

From Pew's “Teens, Social Media & Technology" as reported by Fast Company:

Here are the platforms teens say they use the most in 2018:

YouTube: 85% of teens use the platform Instagram: 72% Snapchat: 69% Facebook: 51% Twitter: 32% Reddit: 7% None of the above: 3%

Compare that with the platforms teens said they used the most in 2015:

Facebook: 71% Instagram: 52% Snapchat: 41% Twitter: 33% Google +: 33% Vine: 24% Tumblr: 14%

Two things: 1) Instagram is owned by Facebook, and anyone who has an Instagram account will be barraged with pleas to join Facebook. 2) I wonder if Snapchat adoption is declining. My kids said they don't like it any more and their friends have all switched over to Instagram. Read the rest

App replaces Twitter with Kindle

Maybe 2018 will be the year of social media burnout. A lot of people I know are quitting Twitter and Facebook because the're sick of the trolls and Nazis that neither social network seems to care about. A spate of research suggests that social media makes people depressed, too.

Here's a funny placeholder app that reflects the zeitgeist. It's called Placeholder Twitter and it "does nothing but reroute you to the Kindle app." Read the rest