Sugru as a tonic for noisy annoyances

Jane from Sugru sends us an adorable stop-motion video showing ways to use the air-drying polymer to cut down on noisy annoyances: "Life is noisy. If a banging door, clattering plates or a squeaky bike have become the soundtrack to your life - don't ignore it, fix it (...but watch this video first!)" Read the rest

3D printing with Sugru

The Hy-Rel 3D is a 3D printer with four extruder heads that prints with play-doh, Sugru, plasticine, and other pasty substances. Here's a demo of the printer running four different colors of Sugru -- a great, fast-drying, dishwasher safe fix-everything putty -- to print out a (fairly low-rez) semi-sphere. The Hy-Rel was funded through a successful Kickstarter, and now sports "emulsifying extruders" that are the basis for this demo.

3D printing sugru for the first time! Read the rest