Homemade shot-for-shot of Suicide Squad's trailer

After a long hiatus, CineFix revived its "Homemade Shot for Shot" series with this entry for the Suicide Squad trailer. Read the rest

Man intends to sue Warner Bros. for misleading Suicide Squad trailer

BlackPanther2016 says Warner Brothers didn't show him the version of Suicide Squad that the trailer advertised. He's taking the movie studio and DC to court for "false advertising, misleading visual images and gaining a profit from us and millions others due to these acts." He says the case has been accepted. Read the rest

Suicide Squad fan petition launched to shut down Rotten Tomatoes after dreadful reviews

Suicide Squad, the ensemble DC-villains flick for teens, appears to be Hot Topic Clearance Table: The Movie. It's getting awful reviews on most fronts: the storytelling mess, Jared Leto's oh-so-edgy Joker, Harley Quinn reimagined as dumb psycho sex-kitten "jerk-off material", etc. But it has fans, of course, and they're mad. So much so Read the rest