Escape your racist relatives with this aptly-named Thanksgiving cocktail

Dealing with family drama at the Thanksgiving dinner table isn't fun. So I was amused to see that a friend of mine, mixologist Jared Hirsch, was asking folks to help him name his new mixed drink — one he crafted for "when you can’t take another word out of your politically-opposed relative this Thanksgiving." I've written about Jared before, he's the co-purveyor of a line of craft cocktail syrups.

His original request:

I need help naming a cocktail. I'm designing a Hot Toddy that uses Nickel Dime Cocktail Syrups' Caged Heat and Crimson Smoke. I want to evoke escaping to the kitchen to make yourself a drink when you can't deal with your bigoted uncle. Go.

The original name he came up with: Racist Relative Remedy (which I love).

Others quickly chimed in. In total, there were 275 comments in the thread.

The suggested names were fun. Here's a few:

Family staycation Relative Reinforcement Toddy, Take Me Away... Me Time Ear Smokin' Mad Archie Bunker Mentality Hot Disembody The Amway Uncle The Oh Brother The Factual Reply The Quick Kitchen Getaway No Smoke Without Fire ? Crimson Tide, or Wave Let me get your coat Red Hot Ambivalence Red Hot Honey Badger A Sticky Situation Fire Escape Hold that Thought The mute button Relative relief Cry Uncle Can't Relate Only Joking and, so many more!

Hivemind FTW!

The winning name...?

The Turkey Time Out

Recipe by Jared Hirsch, Name by Camper English

Ingredients: Any aged spirit. Be it bourbon, rye, anejo tequila, dark rum, or Calvados.

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