All the songs from The Greatest Showman, ranked

Though its lackluster opening weekend led many to dismiss it as dead on arrival, The Greatest Showman has gone on to become one of the biggest surprise success stories in film history. Hugh Jackman’s gloriously over-the-top circus musical is now one of the highest grossing live-action movie musicals of all time and its soundtrack has been a consistent chart-topper. The film will make a victory lap at this Sunday’s Oscars with what’s sure to be a rousing performance of its nominated song “This Is Me.” So what better way to celebrate The Greatest Showman than by pitting its songs against one another?

Written by Dear Evan Hansen songwriting duo Benj Pasek and Justin Paul, every song on the Greatest Showman soundtrack is a bop in one way or another. In fact, I briefly considered making this list an 11-way tie. But tough choices have to be made, so without further adieu, here’s my ranking of every song of The Greatest Showman soundtrack:

11. “Never Enough (Reprise)”

We really need to have a talk about which reprises should be included on a musical’s soundtrack. Unless it’s got the narrative resonance of the “My Strongest Suit (Reprise)” from Aida, you probably don’t need it. That’s especially true of this reprise of a song I have some pretty significant issues with anyway (see the next entry for more on that).

10. “Never Enough”

This wannabe Leona Lewis ballad is hands down the worst thing about The Greatest Showman, and that’s saying something for a movie that tries to recontextualize P.T. Read the rest