Second wave Algorithmic Accountability: from "What should algorithms do?" to "Should we use an algorithm?"

For ten years, activists and theorists have been developing a critique of "algorithms" (which have undergone numerous renamings over the same time, e.g. "filter bubbles"), with the early critiques focusing on the way that these can misfire with dreadful (or sometimes humorous) consequences, from discrimination in which employment and financial ads get served to the "dark patterns" that "maximized engagement" with services that occupied your attention but didn't bring you pleasure. Read the rest

Funko unleashes a bare-chested Jeff Goldblum toy on the world

Whoa, Funko has made a Pop! figure of a shirtless, bleeding Jeff Goldblum, as seen in 1993's Jurassic Park.

Rowr, is it hot in here or is it a "Wounded Dr. Ian Malcolm" toy?

This is an exclusive 25th anniversary Jurassic Park item and Funko is only making it available in-store at Target.

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(Consequence of Sound) Read the rest