Time traveler blames other time traveler for 9/11

According to time traveler Michael Phillips who will be born in the year 2043, another time traveler named Titor from 2038 prevented a civil war in the US by uniting the country around 9/11. What else does Michael have to report?

“I do want to tell you about North Korea because they do attempt to launch a nuclear weapon at the United States – that happens later on this year in late 2018. Hopefully we can change the timeline so it doesn’t happen. That’s a partial reason for creating this video.”

Also, SpaceX will bring humans to Mars in 2025 with the establishment of Martian bases in 2032.

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Travel back in time to the 1987 CES by watching these videos

These four videos were shot --on a giant VHS camcorder, no less-- at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in the summer of 1987 for a cable TV show called Nightlife. They are as marvelously outdated as you'd hope. You'll see just how much technology has changed in 30 years.

Personally, I've got my eye on that sweet, sweet Vidphone. I mean, it "actually sends live video through the telephone line."

Other things that happened in 1987: Bud Light's party dog Spuds Mackenzie debuted, Dirty Dancing became a hit movie, and Max Headroom got a TV show.

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