The Mars Curiosity Rover's wheels are as thin as credit cards

Brian McManus looks at the engineering challenges behind the Curiosity's thin aluminum wheels, which are sustaining significant damage on the Martian surface. Read the rest

Making tires out of duct tape and rubber bands

A group of guys from the YouTube channel Life OD first crafted a working tire out of $80 worth of duct tape, then they daisy-chained 100,000 rubber bands together to make another one.

Why? Apparently, because they can.

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Foldable airless bicycle tires

Revolve has released a promotional video for its prototype collapsible airless tires. Originally designed for bicycles, the same tire can also be used on a wheelchair. Read the rest

Wheel on fire, rolling down road

I'm certain the flames are CG, because I've seen a few tire fires in my time, but somewhere out there is a more uncannily scary video of the 60 MPH death wheel. Find it for a special no-reward!

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Air-free non-pneumatic tires are coming to a bicycle near you

Few things are more annoying for cyclists than changing a flat, especially on a back tire. Non-pneumatic tires that have proven workable for off-roading and other vehicle prototypes are now getting tested for bicycles. Read the rest

Automotive tires sent down a ski jump

Incredibly satisfying to watch. Read the rest

Animal sculptures made of recycled tires

Baseball player Blake McFarland makes cool stuff in the off season, including these sculptures made of old tires: Read the rest

How to repair a huge $30,000 tire

This looks like more fun than giving an elephant a shave with a blowtorch.

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Ah yes, the short-lived 1950s fad of illuminated tires

In the 1950s, car enthusiasts began playing around with illuminated tires made of translucent synthetic rubber that could be tinted any color. Goodyear soon got in the game in case it took off, which unfortunately never happened. Read the rest

Watch this machine cut car tires in half

It takes its own sweet time. Bonus points for looking like a face near the end. Read the rest