Check out the Pogues' tour rider from 1991 — the last year Shane MacGowan was in the band

The Pogues' singer-songwriter and tin whistle player Spider Stacy confirmed that this was real, tweeting, "The secret as to how we all stayed in such great veal, no fast food, no german wine and plenty of cigarettes." This bundle of 1991 Pogues concert paperwork includes an impressive rider… Might have to rethink my two […]

Help a musician's tour bus company provide shelter and facilities for NHS workers dealing with COVID-19

I'm a huge fan of Frank Turner and the Sleeping Souls, but I only recently learned that their bass player, Tarrant Anderson, also runs a company called Vans for Bands that handles vehicle rentals and logistics management for touring music group. It's a pretty cool idea, and a smart niche to find. Of course, there […]