What Putin whispered in Trump's ear: 'The Apprentice,' by Greg Miller [Books]

The next Trump book you need to read, which I will as soon as it drops, is The Apprentice, by Washington Post Pulitzer winning natsec reporter Greg Miller. Read the rest

Cohen says he has information about Trump conspiring with Russia to corrupt American democracy

"Michael Cohen knows information that would be of interest to the special counsel regarding both knowledge about a conspiracy to corrupt American democracy by the Russians and the failure to report that knowledge to the FBI," said Lanny Davis, the attorney representing Cohen told MSNBC. Watch the video here.

Yesterday Cohen pleaded guilty to campaign finance violations, tax evasion, and bank fraud. Read the rest

Rick Gates: I committed bank and tax fraud at Paul Manafort's direction, embezzled 'several hundred thousand' dollars

Rick Gates, on the witness stand today in the trial of Paul Manafort, says he committed crimes with Manafort, and embezzled “hundreds of thousands” of dollars from Manafort. Read the rest

Mueller wants to interview Emin Agalarov, Russian pop star tied to 2016 Trump Tower meeting

This should be interesting. Special counsel Robert Mueller is reportedly asking to interview Russian pop star Emin Agalarov, who says he helped set up the 2016 Trump Tower meeting. Read the rest

Twitter stock drops 20.5% a day after Facebook suffers worst one-day drop in history

Twitter's stock closed 20.5% on Friday after the company announced it lost 1 million active users. More user loss is predicted. Read the rest

Rockefeller heir George O’Neill is Russia agent Maria Butina's ‘U.S. Person 2 & Rohrabacher's in this, too: Reports

The U.S. indictment for accused Russian secret foreign agent Maria Butina refers to one of her American contacts as “U.S. Person 2.” Like others having serious legal troubles this week, they shared a love for the NRA. Read the rest

Pompeo: U.S. won't recognize Russia annexation of Crimea

In a hearing on Capitol Hill today, Former CIA director and Trump's replacement Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says Trump remains upbeat about the prospect of North Korea denuclearization, and that the United States will not recognize Russia's annexation of Crimea. Read the rest

Trump threatens to revoke security clearance of intel chiefs who criticize him (LOL, half those guys lost theirs already)

The White House is making it clear to intelligence officials from current and former presidential administrations: criticize Donald Trump and you'll lose your security clearance. Read the rest

David Frum: The United States faces a national-security emergency

David Frum, the conservative Republican senior editor at The Atlantic, says it has become clear that Trump has been bribed or blackmailed into becoming a Russian puppet, and that the "United States faces a national-security emergency."

From The Atlantic:

The reasons for Trump’s striking behavior—whether he was bribed or blackmailed or something else—remain to be ascertained. That he has publicly refused to defend his country’s independent electoral process—and did so jointly with the foreign dictator who perverted that process—is video-recorded fact.

And it’s a fact that has to be seen in the larger context of his actions in office: denouncing the European Union as a “foe,” threatening to break up nato, wrecking the U.S.-led world trading system, intervening in both U.K. and German politics in support of extremist and pro-Russian forces, and continually refusing to act to protect the integrity of U.S. voting systems—it all adds up to a political indictment, whether or not it quite qualifies as a criminal one.

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Image: Kremlin.ru Read the rest

Surprise! Trump invites Putin to White House for another meeting, didn't tell intel chief

President Trump plans to invite Russian President Vladimir Putin to Washington, DC for yet another one-on-one meeting in the fall. Under fire for shady shenanagins around Russia and Putin, Trump is doubling down on the crazy, like he always does. Read the rest

'I've had Twitter sex with 12 Russian hackers,' nude model who sexted Guccifer 2.0 tells tabloids

A former nude model and “Bond girl” exchanged sexual messages via Twitter with the online persona now believed to be an unknown number of Russian spies who are accused of attacking the 2016 US elections, the UK tabloid Sun Online posted today.

They're really awful and I don't want to link to them, but this is too rich, you guys. Motherboard has a more credible piece up, you should read that one, too.

In today's garbage interview, Robbin Young told The Sun she "fell madly in love" with Twitter user Guccifer 2.0, and sent him photographs of her breasts and exchanged sexually explicit messages with him or them.


She was left stunned last week after the US government announced it had indicted 12 Russian spies who they believe ran the Guccifer 2.0 account, hacked into Democratic party computers and leaked stolen documents in a bid to interfere with the 2016 election result.

In an exclusive interview, Robbin, 63, told Sun Online: "I thought he was one Romanian man and I fell in love with him - now to be told it could have been 12 Russian spies running that account - I'm shocked.

"If this is all true it's like I've had Twitter sex with 12 Russian hackers."

Robbin Young once starred with ​007 Roger Moore in 'For Your Eyes Only.'

Guccifer is no Roger Moore.

Get a load of this shit.

In one message he wrote: "Wow u r making me breath harder .. ur soul's so pure and unspoiled ..

Read the rest

Senate 98-0 passes resolution opposing Vladimir Putin's proposal to interrogate U.S. officials including McFaul & Browder

How weird is it that this needed to happen. Read the rest

GOP senator says Trump is awesome because he tells bigger lies than Putin

Sen. Mike Rounds (R-S.D.), chairman of the Senate Armed Services Cybersecurity Subcommittee, is no different from other members of Trump's base. They admire him for his ability to stare into people's eyes and tell them "big whoppers." There is no such thing as an inconvenient truth for a Trumpkin, because they prefer falsehoods over facts.

From Slate:

When it comes to what Trump was thinking, however, the right, like everyone, was largely at a loss for words. Until Sen. Mike Rounds (R-S.D.) plunged into that abyss of logic and offered up the most incoherent, but revealing explanation for Trump’s conduct during the press conference Monday. Sen. Rounds, who is the chairman of the Senate Armed Services Cybersecurity Subcommittee, offered up this explanation to Erica Werner of the Washington Post for why Trump refused to acknowledge Russian election interference of any kind:

"Everything I’ve seen and all the facts are very clear: Russia did meddle in our election. That was very clear. So I think what actually happened, I think Mr. Putin just got out-Trumped by Trump. If Mr. Putin thinks he can tell a whopper, he’s not gonna be outdone by this president. And so if Mr. Putin is going to look at him and try to straight-faced tell him that they didn’t meddle, our president can look right back at him and tell just as big a whopper back to Putin as Putin told him."

Read the rest

Emin, Russian pop star linked to Don Jr. Trump Tower meeting, releases weird video

Yes, there is a Stormy Daniels impersonator. And yes, Russia is trolling us all. Read the rest

GOP fundraiser who paid for silence of impregnated Playboy model offered to lift sanctions on Russian firm for $26M

Remember that Trump associate who resigned as deputy finance chair of the Republican National Committee last week after news came out he'd hired Michael Cohen to negotiate a $1.6 million deal to buy the silence of Playboy model he impregnated? His name is Elliott Broidy and, The Intercept has a new story about how Broidy promised the Russian gas giant Novatek he get it taken off the U.S. sanctions list for a cool $26 million. Just another day in the shithole presidency.

In February 2017, Broidy sent a draft of the plan by email to attorney Andrei Baev, then a Moscow- and London-based lawyer who represented major Russian energy companies for the firm Chadbourne & Parke LLP. Baev had already been communicating with Novatek about finding a way to lift U.S. sanctions.

Broidy proposed arranging meetings with key White House and congressional leaders and generating op-eds and other articles favorable to the Russian company, along with a full suite of lobbying activities to be undertaken by consultants brought on board. Yet even as he offered those services, Broidy was adamant that his company, Fieldcrest Advisors LLC, would not perform lobbying services but would hire others to do it. He suggested that parties to the deal sign a sweeping non-disclosure agreement that would shield their work from public scrutiny.

The plan is outlined in a series of emails and other documents obtained by The Intercept. Broidy and Baev did not dispute the authenticity of the exchanges but said the deal was never consummated.

Read the rest

Mueller is investigating Trump campaign ties to Cambridge Analytica

ABC News reports that sources have told it that the special counsel investigating Russia-Trump collusion in the 2016 election has turned its attention to Trump campaign ties to Cambridge Analytica.

Cambridge Analytica was brought on by then-Trump campaign digital advisor Brad Parscale in early June 2016, after the data science firm pitched him on its services, sources told ABC News. Three Cambridge Analytica employees, including two data scientists, immediately moved to San Antonio to embed with Parscale's firm and by August, the number of fulltime staffers in Texas ballooned to 13.

The team led by Matt Oczkowski, who served as the data firm's chief product officer, was divided into three groups focusing on data science, research and polling and marketing.

Parscale would eventually leave Texas to move into Trump Tower in September, and the data firm sent a mid-level employee with him to interpret daily polling reports, according to sources.

Cambridge Analytica was one entity involved in creating the voter information and fundraising database now known as Project Alamo, built jointly by staffers from the RNC, the Trump campaign and Parscale's firm with data supplied by the RNC and the campaign, sources said.

Trump's people issued weasel words in response:

A spokesperson for the Trump campaign told ABC News in a statement that they “used the RNC for its voter data and not Cambridge Analytica. Using the RNC data was one of the best choices the campaign made. Any claims that voter data were used from another source to support the victory in 2016 are false.”

Read the rest

Belarusian "sex expert" claims to have bombshell dirt about Trump-Russia connection

A post shared by Настя Рыбка (@nastya_rybka.ru) on Feb 23, 2018 at 11:41pm PST

Nastya Rybka (aka Anastasia Vashukevich) (Instagram/NSFW) is a Belarusian "sex expert" who just got thrown into a Thai jail for conducting a “sex training” seminar. She has released videos of a yacht trip she took with Russian billionaire Oleg Deripaska and Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Prikhodko. “I am the only witness and the missing link in the connection between Russia and the U.S. elections — the long chain of Oleg Deripaska, Prikhodko, Manafort, and Trump," she said in an Instragram post. She's willing to help if Mueller springs her from jail.

1. Настя Рыбка заболела в тюрьме. 2 суток на холодном полу. Кровати нет. Врача не предоставляют. 3. Сегодня был суд. По суду выпустили под залог 6 человек включая Алекса Лесли и Андрея Покера. Они были счастливые с алексом и остальными. Их из суда свободных перевезли в иммиграцию. И в иммиграции сообщили что после суда несмотря на залог их лишили тайских виз. Так, Заплатив за каждого ололо ста тыс бати они получили 10 минут свободы при перевозке из одной тюрьмы в другую. Суд разрешил выйти под залог !!! Но видимо кто то спровоцировал тайскую иммиграцию лишить всех виз за несколько минут! В суде вины своей они не признали. Вина доказана не была. По статусу они должны были быть свободными ведь они невиновны и под залогом. 3. Теперь их держат в условиях ещё хуже. Бетонный пол. Нет кроватей. Еда только то что принесут. Врача к Насте не вызвали.

Read the rest

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