Door repair technician's excellent t-shirt

Very clever and also practical! (via feed-me-tacos, r/pics) Read the rest

Exploded view record player t-shirt

This fantastic record player exploded view t-shirt is available for $22.50 from ShanaLogic, who of course is also a beloved sponsor of the site you are currently reading. (But this post isn't at her urging -- I just dig the design.) "Vinyl Turntable Explosion Diagram T-shirt" Read the rest

I still love New York, the t-shirt

"I Still Love NY" shirt by Sebastian Errazuriz. Available at Grey Area. 100% of proceeds go to Sandy Relief. Photo by Clayton Cubitt. Read the rest

Dog face t-shirts

Excellent photorealistic dog t-shirts by The Mountain are available at Amazon for around $20 in a variety of styles, er, breeds. Dog Face T-Shirts (via Super Punch) Read the rest

T-shirts inspired by Gibson's Sprawl novels

Memetic Tees has a bunch of cute t-shirt designs based on William Gibson's classic Sprawl cyberpunk trilogy.

The Sprawl

(via Super Punch) Read the rest

EFF's limited edition, glowing ENCRYPTION SAVES tees for DEFCON signups

If you're headed to Las Vegas for DEFCON this summer, you're one of the lucky few who'll be able to get one of the Electronic Frontier Foundation's limited-edition, glow-in-the-dark "Encryption Saves" tees, only available to people who join the organization at the event. I won't be there this year (sob!) but I will be in 2012, where I'll be delivering a keynote. Can't wait!