Now there are ugly Christmas sweater **sneakers**

Ugly Christmas sweaters are out. In 2018, ugly Christmas dresses and, yes, sneakers are in. The latter are serious road running shoes: Brooks' Ugly Sweater Levitate 2 ($150). Well, as serious as jingle bells, candy-cane-striped laces, and a festive knit pattern can be.

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We've hit peak ironic ugly Christmas sweater with this one

Thought we had hit peak ironic ugly Christmas sweater already? Well, take a moment to watch this video where this winner of some workplace "Ugly Christmas sweater contest" is shown playing "Carol of the Bells" on her winning entry. Game over, folks. Time to go home.

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Design your own ugly sweater with this sweater customizer

It's a little late to get one for this ugly Christmas, but keep this sweater customizer by Ugly Christmas Sweater in mind for all your future ugly holiday needs.

You start by picking out the sweater's color. You have 10 choices ranging from hot pink to black. Then you pick the overall pattern which is mostly trees and snowflakes. After that is when you can add your own creative (and hopefully subversive) touch.

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A fugly ALF Christmas Sweater exists

There's a time and place for intentionally ironic sweaters and apparently it's the holidays. Enter the ALF Ugly Christmas Sweater by

Add [it] to your wishlist if you're in favor of having the wisecracking Malmackian as your guest of honor this Christmas. Decorated with pictures of cats, phones, and a smiling ALF wearing a Santa hat, this acrylic sweater is a great conversation piece to sport at holiday parties with family or co-workers. But don't be surprised if your cat is the only one who isn't amused by your sweater!

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