How to hear the true sound of your own voice without recording it

When we speak, sing or shout, what we perceive gets a mighty bass boost from our own head matter. But what the lister (and the microphone) hears — the reedy, whiny, nasal true self! — is their reality. In this video, vocal coach Chris Beatty shows off a neat trick to cutting out the frequencies that only you hear, allowing you to train and temper your tone of speech as others hear it. All you need do it put two thick boards, magazines or notebooks either side of your face — but it's nicer listening to him explain. Read the rest

This fellow has the archetypal sports announcer voice

Acting coach Bob Menery is not a professional sports announcer... yet. Watching him talk gives me the same weird sensation as seeing Mel Blanc do Daffy Duck and Bugs Bunny.

Below is an older video of Menery experimenting with "the voice."

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Deep-voiced politicians have an edge

Two recent University of Miami research studies suggest that politicians with deep voices are more likely to win an election than candidates with higher-pitched voices. "With one exception: when running against a female opponent, candidates with higher voices were more popular, especially if they were men," according to Scientific American. Read the rest