This 3D display uses a single bead controlled by acoustic levitation

Researchers at Sussex University have developed a 3D model with a single "pixel" -- a tiny white plastic bead that's quickly moved around the space inside a black box by an array of ultrasound speakers. A colored light source projects light onto the fast moving bead. The end result is that the bead draws "shapes in the air."

[via Core77]

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Floating 1,600dpi 3D projections made by pushing around flecks of cellulose and hitting them with a laser

Physicists at BYU have demonstrated a volumetric projection system that works by using a laser to unevenly heat single cellulose molecules in order to shove them around in 3D space, then painting the positioned molecules with lasers that cause them to glow; by choreographic both sets of lasers, extremely high-resolution moving images can be attained. Read the rest