A luxury handbag that holds a single watermelon

Form has met function in a new piece created for Japanese luxury leather brand Tsuchiya Kaban. Designer Yusuke Kadoi made the Watermelon Bag — a playful handbag that holds one single solitary watermelon perfectly — as part of the brand's "The Fun of Carrying" initiative.

Watch how it's made — beautiful:

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A timelapse of Cthulhu being carved into a watermelon

Here's something that might make H. P. Lovecraft proud (or just really, really confused): a watermelon carved to look like Cthulhu.

In this very dramatic timelapse video from 2014, Italian sculptor Valeriano Fatica offers a tutorial on how to carve the monstrous entity into an ordinary summertime favorite. It's called a tutorial, but good luck trying to match this guy's mad skills. He writes on his site, "Watermelon is the most difficult material I’ve tried so far. I studied for years the right method to carve it best."

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How to make a watermelon fruit bowl that looks like a voracious shark

Mike Warren carved a watermelon into this delightful shark fruit bowl! Read the rest